Andrew Mevissen

A Quick Escape to the NSW Outback

So when an opportunity arose suddenly, recently, to drive from Sydney to Broken Hill, I fled the office, grabbed my wife and hit the road, heading west, quickly swallowed by the vastness of our seemi...
Be an animal friendly cruiser

Be an animal friendly cruiser

It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest
New APX Ambassadors Return from Taipei

New APX Ambassadors Return from Taipei

The eight ambassadors as well as APX’s Jenny Miller and Chris Hughes of Air New Zealand, returned from the annual Ambassadors’ trip on Sunday. The destination remained a mystery until the Ambassadors...
Fortitude Music Hall

Brisbane Remastered

Come September, Brisbane's music ecosystem will top of the charts when Big Sound, a global gathering of music and industry held in Fortitude Valley (Sep 3 – 6), paves the way for the Brisbane Festiva...
Rhonda Appo, Indigenous Program Manager, Queensland Tourism Industry Council

Having a whale of a time

Alight it was freezing (well for Brisbane standards, a balmy 11 degrees) and super choppy but once we saw those whales, all was forgiven