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Thanks for your interest in advertising with ETB Travel News.

If your marketing strategy is to reach travel agents, travel management decision makers or travelling consumers make ETB Travel News your preferred partner in online travel advertising.

Our 1 million* website visitors rely on ETB Travel News as their first choice for up-to-date free travel news and our 50,000+ email subscribers choose the news they prefer to read via tailored newsletter subscriptions.

Advertising alongside our news is the #1 place for any company, especially travel, tourism or hospitality related businesses, to reach your target market!

Ad options

ETB Travel News offers a range of advertising and e-Marketing solutions, for clients large and small, enabling you to communicate with our vast travel community.

Banner ads

Branding options from a logo tile to a run of site banner can be targeted by country or industry segment.

Banner space is sold exclusively to you at a set weekly rate and can link to a free splash page on our site ready for your team to design.

We don’t do CPM advertising as we like to keep it simple and completely transparent. In fact we provide post campaign analytics including impressions, clicks and click through ratio at no extra charge.

Banner ads are available on our newsletters or websites.

HTML Advertorials

Post a job ad, product, service or press release advertisement listed within our news sections. HTML advertorials are a page published by country and relevant industry category on our website homepages, industry subpages and listed on our email newsletters.

HTML ads are sold per insert and remain on our website for 12 months or the expiry date you nominate. All our web pages are indexed by Google and other major search engines daily further increasing your advertising reach with us.

We up-load all your ads for you for free but, if you prefer to administer your own advertising, we have self service, secure user accounts available at no extra charge.

Email Distribution

Send a solace HTML EDM to ETB Travel News’ database of over 25,000 opt-in subscribers who have agreed to receive third party emails. Choose recipients based on country and industry e.g. Australian – Travel Agents.


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*November 2014 statistics. Global visitors. Source: Google Analytics.

Rates are plus GST (for Australian companies) and exclude graphic design/copy writing. Other terms and conditions apply. Travel News Media Pty Ltd is the publisher of ETB Travel News.

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