Getting back to Travel Basics

Getting back to Travel Basics

Visibility, simplicity and accountability drive growth in the travel workplace.

As a newbie to the travel industry I was struck by smoke and mirrors which didn’t compute. Commission and poor cash flow instead of net rates, overrides, free airline tickets in lieu of salary  and fancy functions instead of a work focus.

With Q1 2019 and the busiest new business creation months of the year done in what may be quieter than usual because of an election year, Trumpism and Brexitism, it’s a good opportunity to take stock and reload.Ebbs and flows are normal.

It’s been something like 12 years since we began running roomsXML in Australia. Fast forward to 2017 when a merger to Stuba was likely, it’s been a wild 18 months of analysis, planning and hard-core effort to bring it together. Courage as well; knowing that things needed fixing but would stay broken for six months until we completed the merger Without blabbing was difficult!

We  merged two companies And four different work cultures from the UK, India, Dubai and Australia. When you double in size overnight and continue with runaway growth there have been Some simple truths to success.

The first is that simplicity. Removing emotion, duplicate processes and simplifying information is how to get a larger scale business efficient and profitable. The more simple, the more the business can be understood both internally and externally. It’s the customers that “get you” are the ones that return time after time.Sometimes it’s tempting to be fancy, flashy, buy a new car. But I walk to work and that 10 year old Honda Accord with 70,000 km on the clock still makes sense.

Increased visibility matters. For my part I have consulted not only with agents but extensively with my staff as we seek to improve and globally standardise the best of the businesses practices for the rest of Stuba.  There is a lot of information out there so I use those I trust to help me filter it. In turn, allowing those who are close to me to understand my decision-making processes are essential, especially in the moments when I’m not there.

Finally, is sticking what you are good at. In India, every month,  new competitors to stuba rise, burn a stack of cash for six months and disappear. They have underestimated how tough hotel aggregation can be.

This has made me understand how important it is to stick at what we do well – being a solid, reliable, trustworthy hotel aggregator that will still love you in the morning.

Found out what you are good at? Simply stick to it and let everybody see it :-)


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