Andrew Denman, Head of Sales and Marketing – Skydive Australia

Andrew Denman, Head of Sales and Marketing - Skydive Australia

Andrew Denman, Head of Sales and Marketing – Skydive Australia

Name:  Andrew Denman

Position title:  Head of Sales and Marketing

Company name:  Skydive Australia

When and why did you join the industry?

Caught the school bus to TAA in 1975 after always wanting to work for an Airline

What do you like most about your job? 

Being at one of our drop zones and watching our customers – the expectation, unknown and apprehension before they board our aircraft for their Tandem skydive and then how pumped and elated they after landing. The culture and buzz of delivering such an unforgettable experience

What’s one of the biggest achievements of your career so far? 

Working round the clock to launch Northwest Airline online operation into Australia within just a 6-week window

What’s the best advice ever given to you and who gave it? 

Persist and you will get an outcome either way- a learning or a win! -The late John Jowett

“What part of No don’t you understand”- in the early days of upgrade requests at Continental – Col Hughes

Who do you admire and see as a role model in the industry?

Glen Moroney, Scenic Tours for what he has achieved, his foresight and drive and being a leader with new and exciting Travel product concepts

What can people expect from your company and what sets it apart from the rest?

Skydive Australia is a young and vibrant company lead by a visionary and entrepreneurial management team.

The staff are energetic, passionate and diverse ranging from many legendary Tandem Masters to Pilots backed by the best flight and ground crew ever

The team never under esitimate for most people a first skydive take s a lot of courage so they never lose sight of the trust placed in their hands to enable the customer to experience the thrill of a lifetime

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? 

South Africa, Canada

What’s a memorable travel experience you’ve had (good or bad)? 

A Captain Choice 21 day Qantas 747 charter flight tour around South America, Cuba and Easter Island. An amazing operation and quite surreal given the amount of locations you are able to visit on a charter flight

What are three things you always take with you when travelling? 

Noise cancelling earphones- a must!



Name someone famous you’d like to travel with and a destination you’d like to go with them. 

Donald Trump- Syria

What direction do you see the industry heading in over the next five to ten years? 

I can see 2 distinct directions where demand for travel product has headed and will further expand

1) Internet based – AirBNB, Share cars, self managed

2) Full service Agencies, Niche-i.e. LUX, and Full Value Add Package Holidays i.e. My Brands and Luxury Escapes and Cruise

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