L’Austral welcomed to New Zealand

Official group AKL
Following L’Austral’s recent visit to eastern Australia, she sailed to New Zealand arriving last Thursday and receiving a traditional welcome to the City of Auckland on arrival.
Captain Lemaire, officers and crew met with the Lord Mayor of Auckland and other industry representatives for an exchange of plaques commemorating the inaugural arrival of L’Austral, with Captain Lemaire receiving a traditional Maori hongi greeting.
The traditional Maori greeting is called a Hongi – “The hongi is a form of greeting used by the Maori people.  It is a pressing of the nose.  Maori people use this to greet people they feel safe and familiar with. The hongi has a deep and spiritual meaning to the Maori people, as it reflects the beginning of man, when the God blew oxygen in to the nose to give life to the first human being.”
Cpt Lemaire and Lord Mayor 1
Captain Lemaire and Lord Mayor


Source = L'Austral
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