NZICC will benefit all of New Zealand


The New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) will have a positive economic impact that extends far beyond the boundaries of Auckland, says New Zealand’s business events industry association.

Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) Chief Executive Sue Sullivan is welcoming news of progress on the New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) project.

“This new development will put New Zealand on the map, and the benefits to the region and the whole country are significant,” she says.

“The NZICC will allow New Zealand to host conferences of a size not seen here before. We immediately become an international player, challenging Australia and South East Asia for lucrative convention business.

“It will give us the ability to tap into markets we’ve been shut out of in the past because we simply haven’t had venues big enough to cater to their needs.”

The international convention centre will be a major selling point for the entire business events industry not just Auckland.

“Many of the delegates who will attend conferences and conventions at the international convention centre will also take the opportunity to travel to other parts of New Zealand so the spin-offs will be felt across the country,” says Sue Sullivan.

These types of multi-day large conferences, which are planned at least three to five years in advance, will attract visitors who have New Zealand on their bucket list.

“Many will be first time visitors to New Zealand and many will bring their partners or families and stay on longer, and spend about twice as much as leisure visitors. We know they will also go home as ambassadors for New Zealand.

“They also come at a time of year when tourism tends to be quiet so they are very important to our industry.”

International convention delegates are also valuable to New Zealand because of the knowledge and expertise they bring to the country.

“The types of international conferences we will be able to host in the NZICC are set to attract the best and the brightest in their fields. Those people will bring a wealth of knowledge with them, which we will be able to tap into. You can’t put a dollar value on that but it’s something that will bring us benefits in the long-term.”

Source = Conventions and Incentives New Zealand
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