Ted Travels: Scenic day trips with their matching cocktails

Scenic day trips with their matching cocktails

Scenic day trips with their matching cocktails

Ted Travels: Scenic day trips with their matching cocktails

Today, I would like to share with you scenic trains rides that can be done in a day. Starting from the Copper Canyon in Mexico all the way to the End of the World train ride in Ushuaia. To make it even more enjoyable we suggest matching a local drink with every train ride!

Copper Canyon train, as I wrote last week, from Los Mochis to Creel, passengers can take the train on any of the 3-time departures a week. When in Chihuahua try out Sotol, a special Mezcal-like drink that can only be found in Northern Mexico and the south of the USA.

If your clients are tequila lovers however, this train is THE ride for them. In the town called Tequila, guess why, clients can take a ride through the UNESCO protected landscape of blue agaves and try the various tequilas on their land of origin. This train ride is available on Saturdays and guests can board in Guadalajara City.

Your clients can cross an entire continent from Atlantic to Pacific in a single day train ride in Panama. The Panama Canal Railway train departs daily between Panama City and Colon, and your clients can taste a delicious rum! To make it exceptional combine it with the Panama Canal crossing by boat!

From Cuzco to Puno, clients can reach Titicaca Lake onboard the Titicaca train departing 3 times a week and match up this ride with a Pisco Sour!

Another scenic train ride is from the high plains of Curitiba down to the coastal city of Morretes and Paranagua. This is a great way to enjoy not only the Caipirinhas but also the seafood!

There is a Train to the Clouds, passengers take a bus from Salta to the station San Antonio de los Cobres, to catch the train that travels over La Polvorilla Viaduct at 4200 metres absl. Unfortunately, the train sometimes doesn’t run, but the nice thing is, there is always a good glass of Malbec back in Salta if the train is cancelled.

El Tren del Fin Mundo. This is the train that runs at the End of the World. It operates daily year-round just outside Ushuaia, a great way to see the Patagonian National Park and forests while sipping a glass of wine, obviously!

If passengers rather not have a drink, the Devils’ Nose train will be perfect for them, between Alausi and Simbambe, the train runs daily except for Mondays. See what the Devils Nose is, and you’ll understand why is best not to match it with a drink!

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