Ted Travels Galapagos Islands

Ted Travels Galapagos Islands

Ted Travels Galapagos Islands

Ted Travels Galapagos Islands

Whenever I’m asked what my favourite place in Latin America is, and well, they all are, but I would normally answer Ecuador and Guatemala because of the size both countries, both are small compared to others and both have some great diversity travelling across short distances.

I have just had the pleasure of participating in one of the nicest Fam trips ever to one of my favourites countries. This trip was a special invitation by our tour operators, Metropolitan Touring celebrated 65 years of business in the hospitality and tourism industry. They were in fact pioneers in Ecuador, and we have been working together for more than 30 years!

Not only are they DMCs, but they also own products, which I had the pleasure to experience last month. The Gangotena Hotel in colonial Quito, the Mashpi Lodge in the cloud forest, and they have three boats in the Galapagos plus their hotel in Puerto Ayora: The Finch Bay Hotel.

We just completed a 4-night/5-day cruise onboard the Santa Cruz II Western route. We landed in Baltra and had a short transfer to the boat (which used to belong to the Australis company sailing between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia). After a briefing and a lifesaving drill, we took off to a place called Dragon Hill on the island of Santa Cruz, where we were impressed by the amount of land iguanas we saw on the lava rocks.

Every day we had two landings plus on one day we managed to do 4 activities. We started off with a Panga ride exploring the shore line and nesting frigate birds, blue herons drying off by the branches, and below the sea lions playing with the waves.

We then head onto a beach landing to see the famous “Post Office”, from the beach some of us did some snorkelling and floated with the current along a cliff where we saw sea turtles, lots of fish, sea lions and the very tiny Galapagos penguins. Some other guests took the glass bottom boat as the water was really cold, even for us wearing wetsuits! After we had a short sail into another cove for a short walk to a lagoon to see the flamingos. All this in one day, but the main highlight was that suddenly hundreds of hundreds of dolphins, guessing around 200 to 300 of playful dolphins jumping around our boat. It was amazing, not even the crew had experienced this before!

Obviously, the food, the staff, the guides and service were excellent! The Galapagos are truly unique, there are a wide range of itineraries and seasons for every client interested in birdwatchers or flora and fauna. Each island is home to specific animals, so be sure to arrange an itinerary that will suit your client’s interest, and at Contours Travel we can help find the perfect itinerary and the time of year, plus the best boat to sail on!

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