Research gives tourism operators competitive edge

Research gives tourism operators competitive edge

Research gives tourism operators competitive edge

Research gives tourism operators competitive edge

Tourism operators need to be armed with the latest research findings to maintain their competitive edge, according to Destination Gold Coast Research and Strategic Insights Manager Nigel Smith.

“Gut-feel will always play an important role in running a business but gut-instinct is no substitute for hard data and the deeper insights it can provide,” Mr Smith said.

He led a presentation of the latest tourism research findings for more than 150 Destination Gold Coast members on Monday July 2 as the kick-off event for the inaugural Gold Coast Tourism Week.

Joining Mr Smith were experts from accommodation research firm STR Global, Paul Hammond, and online sentiment aggregator Review Pro, Avril Carter.

“Given that tourism supports 46,000 jobs on the Gold Coast it is critical that decision making for the future of the industry is well-informed and based on sound data,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith provided a snapshot of new research DGC has undertaken, providing deeper insights into those visiting the Gold Coast.

Key points among the data presented:

30-44 age group has been, and remains, the most important source of visitor spend for Gold Coast
60+ visitor age group share of spend has been growing rapidly, but remains below the national average for Gold Coast
Spend by 30-44 age group has softened as a share of all spend but Gold Coast has resisted this decline in share of spend
“We now have a complete overview of the national market for domestic overnight travel, and why Australians choose the leisure destinations they do,” Mr Smith said of the new data.

“More specifically, we have a much better understanding of why Australians choose to visit the Gold Coast.

“So this new data will help explain and, more importantly, inform future decision making.”

Gold Coast Tourism Week is an initiative of Destination Gold Coast to highlight and celebrate the comprehensive role tourism plays in driving the Gold Coast economy.

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Source = Destination Gold Coast
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