roomsXML: The Smartest Hotel Searches

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Traditional hotel searches reduce “humans” to “data”, creating work for agents and playing into the hands of the OTA’s. Mark Luckey, MD roomsXML Asia Pac, is seeking to tip the balance back in favour of agents.

 “A website can do data, agents deal with people. We changed the rules to move away from just pax, city, dates, search.

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roomsXML: The Smartest Hotel Searches

“Get the best for your guest; a family of 4 wanting an amazing pool and kids club; a solo business traveler wanting a Beijing property with strong English, good coffee and free wifi or a couple looking for luxury, romance and great wine bars in new York.

“Facts tell, stories sell.  roomsXML is giving that power back to agents with a range of new search filters.”

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roomsXML: The Smartest Hotel Searches

The roomsXML team consulted with agents across Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, the UK and India to create a point of difference in every consultation.

The new filters put the human uniqueness back in the booking process, giving agents the tools and narrative to customise and win every individual sale in 40 seconds flat. It’s a revelation for the industry.

“Of course, every hotel says it’s the best, is that valuable for an agent? We replaced the hotel description with a globally aggregated rating of all search results as voted by travelers.

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roomsXML: The Smartest Hotel Searches

The “Best For” filter turns to serious big data number crunching algorithms, identifying the most appropriate properties for that specific customer, whether it be romance, business, luxury or up to 20 human needs characteristics.  The results are not just city and date specific, but focusing in for what’s right for THAT customer. When agents click through to hotel details, the “good to know” summary explains exactly WHY a hotel has a rating and who rated it. The “Review” tab is where it gets interesting.

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roomsXML: The Smartest Hotel Searches


“Agents sell travel dreams with narrative. Search filters identify the most appropriate hotels and the review tab  takes the conversation from “here is a good hotel” to “Families say the kids club is great, the kids menu is healthy and that the tube station has pram-friendly accessibility.”

That’s how you find the right hotel.

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roomsXML: The Smartest Hotel Searches

“For a business traveler, the key selling points are “The club lounge is 21 and over, the happy hour is 6 to 7 and its only 23 minutes to the airport on a sky train. It’s a different story for each and every person.  roomsXML puts that at the fingertips of agents within seconds.”

The map results have also been updated to incorporate not only the location of hotels, but markers for properties with high-ratings and also points of interest.

06 - updated maps and points of interest cropped

Luckey says “This is just the start.  Over the next few weeks we will be making more announcements which show why roomsXML is one of the biggest and best wholesale only bookings specialists around the world.”



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