A new Trade Marketing Executive for DriveAway Holidays

Natasha Wahab

A new Trade Marketing Executive for DriveAway Holidays

A new Trade Marketing Executive for DriveAway Holidays

DriveAway Holidays is delighted to announce the appointment of Natasha Wahab as the new Trade Marketing Executive.

Making the announcement, Chris Hamill, Managing Director of DriveAway Holidays complimented Natasha on her work to date within the business since joining in 2012.  “Natasha is a great woman who does some great work for our business.  Her effort is second to none and she is one of those great team members that really cares about her work and her responsibilities.  She thoroughly deserves this opportunity”!

Natasha began her career with DriveAway in the reservations department and worked her way to a team leadership role and then into sales and marketing. She will play a vital role in DriveAway’s ongoing commitment to its trade partners and the industry as a whole.  “Over the years I think we have done a great job with our industry marketing and Natasha’s brief if is to continue on our course of improvement and do a really great job”, said Hamill. “She will do well”!

Most recently, Natasha has been working in a co-ordinating role in the sales and marketing department with the Sydney based team.

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