Savenio nomination recognises strength of independent network

David with reps from Seadream in the new Savenio Travel Hub in Brisbane

David with reps from Seadream in the new Savenio Travel Hub in Brisbane

Savenio nomination recognises strength of independent network

Savenio’s network of independent luxury travel affiliates has been nominated for the National Tourism Industry Awards 2018 ‘Best Travel Broker Network’ category, recognising the strength of the brand’s advisors and their commitment to providing excellence in client service.

“The Savenio model respects independence while providing outstanding support to its Affiliates,” Savenio Managing Director, David Brandon said of today’s announcement.

“Agents love independence, and Savenio believes independence is the key to real success in the travel industry.
“This means the freedom to really meet the client’s needs and by doing a better job by the client, advisors are creating an opportunity for repeat engagement which is good for everyone.”
Mr Brandon says independence means not worrying about commissions and not being told where to buy from and the Savenio model delivers Affiliates a true 100 percent return on their work.

“We are the only agency who really values independence and recognises Affiliates as individual businesses connected through the Savenio brand – as a travel advisor, I work alongside our affiliates under the very same model.

“They also enjoy the support of an amazing executive team, access to exceptional consortia programs and the knowledge and advice of their peers who are some of the best advisors in the business.

“Savenio is an expanding brand and this year we have opened the first of our Savenio Travel Hubs in Brisbane’s Waterfront Place office tower.

“Our Travel Hubs give advisors an option to work either from home or from our beautifully appointed office space in one of the city’s premier office buildings.

“We are pleased to have been nominated for a NTIA award for the first time and are excited to have Savenio recognised as a strong and growing part of the travel industry.”

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