Vivid Sydney culminates as artist, Shepard Fairey reveals his sky-high Sydney Mural


Vivid Sydney culminates as artist, Shepard Fairey reveals his sky-high Sydney Mural

On the final night of Vivid Sydney 2017, iconic American artist Shepard Fairey has revealed his completed Peace Waratah, a 44 metre high x 28 metre wide public artwork created exclusively for the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas.

Shepard Fairey completed the artwork whilst in Sydney to speak at the Vivid Ideas Gamechanger Talk Series, and to host Revolutions, a public exhibition of his music-inspired artworks at the Darling Quarter, part of Vivid Sydney’s Darling Harbour Light Precinct.

Shepard Fairey said “With its lights, art, music, and talks, Vivid Sydney brings together many aspects of creative culture that deserve to be considered simultaneously. Art comes from so many different creative areas that are equally important, I love that Vivid Sydney aggregates these creative sources and I’m proud to be part of the festival.”

“Sydney has an amazing art and design scene, which I took into consideration as I designed the Peace Waratah artwork. I chose an image that would suit Sydney and the mural’s George St location in the heart of the city.

The Peace Waratah is inspired by peace and harmony, themes that I deal with all the time. I also took inspiration from the waratah, the incredibly hardy flower of NSW. The Peace Waratah highlights the better side of our nature as humans, with the flower as a symbol of beauty and endurance,” said Shepard Fairey.

Destination NSW CEO and Vivid Sydney, Executive Producer, Sandra Chipchase said “Shepard Fairey shares Vivid Sydney’s ethos of democratising art by taking it into public spaces. He has made a huge contribution to this year’s festival by speaking at Vivid Ideas, hosting two art exhibitions and even DJ-ing a set at a Vivid Music event. The mural is a lasting legacy of his creative involvement in Vivid Sydney.”

In addition to his Vivid Sydney appearances, Fairey’s fine art works are on show at his Printed Matters exhibition, at the Old Rum Store, 10-12 Kensington Street Precinct, Chippendale. Running from Saturday 17 June to Sunday 9 July 2017, Printed Matters features works that explore the importance and relevance of printed material in the digital age.

The Peace Waratah is located at 309 George Street. Shepard Fairey’s Sydney events were presented in collaboration with aMBUSH Gallery and T-world, exclusive to Vivid Sydney 2017.

Source = Vivid Sydney
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