Update on New Caledonia Tourism representation in New Zealand

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Due to operational costs, New Caledonia Tourism will be closing the national tourism office in Auckland on the 27th February, 2015 and has appointed GTI Tourism to represent New Caledonia within the New Zealand marketplace. 

Jean-Michel Foutrein, director of New Caledonia Tourism, advised that GTI Tourism will be appointed effective 1st March, 2015 and that the agency will be appointing its representative for New Caledonia Tourism in March.

Jean-Michel would like to thank Simon Duffy, Claire Hooton, Martine Cassrels and Rachel Leitch for all the hard work over the years, their commitment to the trade and especially their passion for the destination. 

An announcement will be made shortly as to the GTI Tourism appointment, to be based in Auckland. 

GTI Tourism’s sales and marketing account director Caroline Brunel will lead the strategy for the New Zealand market and can be contacted on caroline.brunel@gtitourism.com.au.

Source = New Caledonia Tourism
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