Cover‐More Group partners with IAG in New Zealand


Cover-­‐More  Group  Limited  (ASX:CVO)  today  announced  their  new  partnership  with  Insurance  Australia  Group  (IAG)  in  New  Zealand.

Cover-­‐More  will  provide  specialised  travel  insurance  and  assistance  services  for  IAG  brands,  including  AMI  Insurance,  State  Insurance  and  NZI.

Cover-­‐More  New  Zealand  CEO,  Bruce  Morrison,  said  he  was  delighted  to  be  working  with  IAG  to  deliver

Cover-­‐More’s  dedicated  travel  insurance  and  assistance  services  to  IAG  customers.

“Our  new  business  partnership  with  IAG  firmly  establishes  Cover-­‐More  as  the  predominant  travel  insurer  and  assistance  provider  in  New  Zealand,”  Mr  Morrison  said.

“We  are  thrilled  to  provide  our  specialist  travel  insurance  products  and  unique  medical  assistance  services  to  IAG’s  customers  throughout  New  Zealand.  Our  medical  assistance  services  are  delivered  by  a  team  of  expert  doctors  and  nurses  to  provide  industry-­‐leading  assistance  to  our  customers  no  matter  where  they  are  in  the  world,  and  often  when  they  are  in  the  most  dire  circumstances.”

Cover-­‐More  and  IAG  will  work  in  partnership  to  provide  additional  travel  insurance  and  assistance  services  to  IAG  business  partners,  including  products,  sales,  claims  services  and  international  medical  assistance  for  IAG  customers.

IAG  New  Zealand  General  Manager  of  Direct  Insurance,  Craig  Olsen,  said  IAG  selected  Cover-­‐More  as  a  result  of  the  group’s  specialisation,  comprehensive  product  range  and  skill  set.

“This  partnership  will  ensure  IAG  customers  are  provided  with  the  most  compelling  travel  insurance  products  possible  supported  by  leading  digital  solutions,”  Mr  Olsen  said.

“After  a  competitive  tender  process  we  found  Cover-­‐More  provided  the  best  range  of  benefits  for  our  customers  and  we  are  pleased  to  confirm  them  as  our  travel  insurance  partner.”

The  Cover-­‐More  and  IAG  partnership  will  take  effect  from  mid  December  2014.

Cover-­‐More  is  also  the  dedicated  travel  insurance  and  assistance  provider  for  Flight  Centre,  Air  New  Zealand  and  FMG,  among  others.

Source = Cover-More Travel Insurance
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