Hop into bed on the bus – first Naked Bus sleeper arrives in Wellington


Overnight bus travel in New Zealand has changed forever with the first passengers on the new Naked Bus Sleeper experiencing the latest innovation in low-cost trips – a good night’s rest on a lie-flat bed.

The Naked Bus Sleeper service arrived in Wellington this morning (Friday 19 December) with passengers from Auckland and Hamilton the first to stretch out in the vehicle’s 40 lie-flat beds, tucked up with pillows, sheets and onesies while they snoozed their way down the North Island.
More than 800 passengers have already booked to travel on the Sleeper – the first of its kind in New Zealand – and, says Naked Bus founder and CEO Hamish Nuttall, there is a strong likelihood the service will be extended to the Far North, Hawkes Bay and South Island destinations in 2015.
Currently, passengers from Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Porirua and Wellington can slumber from city to city as the Sleeper converts ordinary bus seats into six-foot long lie-flat beds. With the cost of the overnight trip starting from $1 (plus booking fee) it will transform the way people move between the main cities, says Hamish.
“Initially, we planned the Sleeper as a trial service but the strength of customer support has been such that we are exploring ways to bring the service to the South Island and elsewhere.  Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown are foremost in our minds at the moment but we are looking at other possibilities,” said Hamish.
“We believe in launching early and getting real customer feedback. Depending on customer views, we will add new routes and services and it is highly likely the offering will look substantially different in six months’ time.  If all goes to plan, we hope to offer more Sleeper routes in the Far North, filling the transport gap left by Air New Zealand’s recent announcement on route changes,” added Hamish.
“We’ve had an amazing response from customers since we announced the Sleeper, proving just how ready everyone is for a comfortable low-cost overnight option,” he added.
“We’ve worked closely with designers, engineers, road transport authorities and many others to provide a smart interior design that provides a level of comfort similar to a business class flight but at a fraction of the cost. Beds come with sheets and pillows, there’s wifi, food and drink served by an onboard host and we believe the experience will change the way people view travelling by bus.”
Sleeper bus routes are available elsewhere in the world but the Naked Bus Sleepers are the first to operate in New Zealand.
Naked Bus is a Kiwi owned and operated company providing affordable travel options for customers throughout the country.
Source = Naked Bus
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