“Travel is safe, and essential” says mindset expert. Why travellers must ignore the nightly news

227841With the unfortunate run of airline disasters, the Ebola virus and growing civil unrest in many parts of the world, some people are becoming more hesitant to travel. Pat Mesiti, celebrated speaker, seasoned business executive, entrepreneur and mindset growth strategist believes it’s no more dangerous now than before and some common sense and a perspective shift is all you need to stay safe and feel relaxed when you venture abroad.

“I believe our world has always had scary times but media saturation makes it so much worse now.” says Mesiti. “Yes there are some frightening things going on at the moment and I probably wouldn’t head to Syria or places like that, but you have to realise at any point in history there has always been dangers. You can’t live in a cocoon. You cannot live in a fort. If you do that, not only you will rob yourself but you will give in to the gloom and doom of fear and live a pretty boring existence.”

Pat say he believes humans are designed to travel and people have to look at the actual odds of a plane not making it to its destination. “Through the media we hear about the big disasters, but thousands of planes take off and land safely every single minute of every day. You have more chance of being killed on the road than in the air. People are born with an intrinsic desire to want to explore. It’s not right for fear to take that away.”

Mesiti himself was a nervous traveller until he read a book about the noises that happen on an aircraft. “Every time there was turbulence I would freak out, and then I discovered that turbulence is really nothing more than a car driving down the road and having a little bump. I was afraid of the noises so I read about what was going on in the plane. I learned to relax and breathe and actually enjoy it.”

Here are some travel safety tips from Pat, a very frequent traveller:

  1. Stay away from hot zones. Travelling to places of political unrest is not a great idea unless you have to
  2. If you have to travel to one of these places, don’t get involved with local politics
  3. Be careful with water supply (drink bottled water if the supply is dubious)
  4. Remember you can’t always eat the food the locals eat without getting sick
  5. Travel with medication, antibiotics and first aid
  6. Research your destination before leaving to avoid nasty surprises
  7. Eat in clean places
  8. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date for diseases prevalent where you are going
  9. Make sure you have an electronic scan of your passport and any important documents somewhere in cyberspace
  10. Breathe deeply if you get nervous flying – it really helps

Pat says as long as you stay safe, you should definitely travel. “I really believe that a prosperous person wants to experience, to taste, to touch new things. I believe it opens up our horizons; it opens up our world view; it opens up ourselves to bigger and better things that give us greater understanding of culture and diversity. I believe travel adds incredible value to our lives and to those we love. The benefits of getting on the plane far outweigh any benefits of staying home. You get knowledge you never had before, you get to meet people you’ve never seen before, you get to experience food and tastes and vibes that you’ll never have at home. And I believe that all these things expand our beliefs, our consciousness and awareness. They help us grow to be better human beings. So let go of the fear, and enjoy this incredible world we live in.”


Source = Pat Mesiti
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