Pioneering health retreat promises optimal wellbeing just across the Tasman

For those seeking optimal health and wellbeing, Aro Hā promises the ultimate elixir. Aro Hā, opening near Queenstown, New Zealand in January 2014, will be the first intensive detox and wellness retreat to launch in Australasia.

Aro Hā will only offer fully-inclusive Wellness Adventures; immersive detox retreats designed to encourage exceptional physical and emotional wellbeing. Unlike at most health retreats, Aro Hā takes a holistic approach that requires consistent participation that will yield unparalleled results.

The blueprint has been refined over the last decade by Managing Partner Damian Chaparro. The retreats are based on the proven results from Damian’s experience at world-renowned health retreat, The Ashram California.  These programs are legendary for exceptional results, celebrity clientele, and lengthy waitlists.

“We have developed Aro Hā as an innovative wellness concept to facilitate life changing and body morphing practices,” says Damian Chaparro, who created Aro Hā with fellow American Chris Madison. “Working with clients from Australia and New Zealand in California I realised there was nothing like Aro Hā in this part of the world and, given the interest in wellness here, we felt it was time to remedy that.”

Aro Hā’s five and seven day all-inclusive Wellness Adventures are targeted at small groups working together to succeed as a team.

A typical day at Aro Hā begins before 6am with sunrise Vinyasa Yoga followed by a 3-4 hour sub-alpine hike, dynamic strength training, meditation, therapeutic massage and other featured programming.  Spend your remaining time with sessions in the contrast hydro spa, which includes infra-red or Finnish saunas and outdoor hot and cold pools.  All elements of the wellness retreats are seamlessly integrated for a unified approach to overall wellbeing, and a team of leading international experts, both in-house and guest educators, will deliver all activities.

The daily program is supported by a unique organic vegetarian diet that has been specifically developed for Aro Hā. The cuisine has been created with detoxification in mind and limits guests to a maximum of 1200 calories daily. Examples of dishes served include sprouted avocado benedict with a cucumber lime juice cleanser for breakfast, and carrot tacos with living green corn chowder for dinner. Alcohol is off the menu.

“Guests will simply arrive, unplug, and experience the shift from the daily roller coaster of modern diet and lifestyle, towards the natural high that fully delivers the feeling of being ecstatically alive and centred,” says Chaparro.

Located 35 minutes from Queenstown, just outside the small town of Glenorchy and overlooking Lake Wakatipu, Aro Hā is a NZ$30 million complex purpose-built to combine leading-edge architecture, permaculture principles and sustainability.

Aro Hā opens on 12 January 2014 with a 7-day Delve Deep retreat.


Source = Aro Hā
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