Singapore Changi Airport is named the World’s Best Airport at the 2013 Skytrax World Airport Awards

Singapore Changi Airport is named the World’s Best
Airport at the 2013 Skytrax World Airport Awards


Whenever I need to transit an airport and it is going to be longer than usual, I hope it is Changi. It’s simply the best I’ve experienced. It’s a pleasure to spend time there. Why? Singapore Changi Airport is named as the World’s Best Airport at the 2013 Skytrax World Airport Awards. It is the fourth time Changi Airport has achieved this top prize, last claiming victory in 2010.

“In winning this prestigious accolade, Singapore Changi Airport cements its place as one of the world’s favourite airports said Edward Plaisted, Chairman of Skytrax. “Changi Airport continues to be a leader and innovator within the industry and is a key reason why it has been ranked amongst the top 3 airports for the last 14 years of the awards.”

It is a 32,000-strong airport community that is the backbone of Changi’s collaborative and well-oiled operational processes, as it is an affirmation of their mantra in putting our passengers at the heart of all that we do.”

They focus on the needs of the passengers and provide them with only the best of airport experiences, with an exciting selection of offerings that have been introduced through the years that add a touch of delight for all passengers and all ages.

The Airport Survey has operated since 1999, and the 2013 Awards are based on 12.1 million airline passenger nominations, and include 395 airports worldwide. The survey evaluates 39 airport Service and Product key performance indicators (KPI’s) – from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration through to departure at the gate.

Let me share with you a few reasons I rate it highly as well. Free WIFI, quiet areas to work, a good array of interesting outlets charging prices same as they charge outside airport so no exorbitant prices, friendly and helpful staff, professionalism, clean facilities, free trolleys landside and neat mini trolleys airside, fast check in, fast immigration and not to forget the lollies they offer you on your way in and out! The list goes on and on. Many airports can’t boast half of what Changi can.

An example of efficiency. Recently I arrived at Changi from Thailand and on land side went to a bank to change my Baht to Sing dollars. In my hurry to get a taxi to a meeting I left my zip around bill fold with passport, money, cards on baggage trolley and dashed to the waiting taxi and my next appointment. An hour or so later, during my meeting in Singapore my phone rang. It was Changi. A calm voice asked “is this Mr. Richard Coles”? Yes I said, “well we have your bill fold bag with us.” I asked what happened and it seems an alert porter was walking past the trolley and saw it sitting there, picked it up and took it straight to the Customer Service Counter. When I related this to my hosts, they simply said, “what did you expect – that’s Changi!” I excused myself at the meeting and went straight back to Changi, feeling quite relieved but very wrongly wondering if all would be there! Well not to worry – it had all been counted and tabulated by staff, so I was handed a full list of what was in wallet when they found it. Not a penny or card missing. That’s Changi indeed. I read recently that a high roller won $1M recently at Casino and left it in taxi on way to airport. It was returned by the taxi driver, in full to the guy in time for him to catch his flight.

So Changi – a great airport to spend time.  


  • 32,000 Changi community working together to enhance travelers journeys
  • Teamwork WORKS – offering a seamless service
  • You can’t beat professionalism + they are trained so well
  • Understanding what customer service consists of @ Changi helps
  • Having a customer mindset throughout the organization is key

“QUALITY is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligible and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

At Coles International Training we understand the travel industry well and the importance of customer service at all customer contact points. Rick Coles has trained at the best airports in the business. Differentiate yourself – place yourself above your competition in every way you can. Customer service is one of the most important ways. It will ultimately contribute to your bottom line and drive the loyalty of your customers.

Ask me how we do it in our training. It’s called maximizing your “Moments of Truth”, and capitalizing on your strengths – your people! If you would like a quote on our training and consulting, please contact me.

All the best!
Richard Coles

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