MTA appointed exclusive travel agent for 2013 International Tall Ship Festival

MTA – Mobile Travel Agents has been appointed exclusive travel agent for the 2013 International Tall Ship Festival.

Under the arrangement with the festival organisers, MTA has responsibility for handling the berths available to the general public to join a Tall Ship for ocean passages and coastal voyages to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney and Auckland throughout the three-month event. 

Voyages are open to people of all ages and backgrounds and offer a huge opportunity for those people looking to experience a hands-on Tall Ship sailing as a voyage trainee crew member.

No experience is required as during each voyage professional Tall Ship instructors will be on hand to explain and teach new voyage trainee crew members everything they need to know about navigation, sail handling and square rig sailing.

The program officially commences on 27 July in Fremantle with a ‘Parade of Sail’, street parade and festival.

A highlight of the event will be the International Fleet Review in October when the combined Tall Ship fleet will participate in a celebration marking 100 years since the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy Fleet into Sydney Harbour.

The International Tall Ship Festival Program will take place as follows:

Fremantle       27 – 29 July 2013
Adelaide         29 – 30 August 2013
Melbourne      09 – 14 September 2013
Hobart            20 – 25 September 2013
Sydney           03 – 10 October 2013      
Auckland        25 – 28 October 2013

For more information on how to join a voyage, please contact MTA Mobile Travel Specialist, Ana Marcelo via email at

For more information on the 2013 International Tall Ship Festival, visit


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