MTA’s Karen Merricks catches up with Sir Richard Branson

Pictured continuing her eye-popping series of celebrity hugs, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ managing director, Karen Merricks with Sir Richard Branson.

Ms Merricks and co-managing director, Roy Merricks caught up with Sir Richard at the Park Hyatt Sydney recently where they were attending a Makepeace Island function.

The Merricks are no strangers to Sir Richard, MTA being one of several companies around the world personally handpicked by the Virgin supremo to act as accredited Virgin Galactic Space Agencies.

Sir Richard was the latest in a long line of industry celebrities and VIPs Ms Merricks has received hugs from in recent weeks.

The list thus far includes Sir Bob Geldof, Virtuoso CEO, Matthew Upchurch and Vice-CEO, David Kolner, former Virgin CEO Brett Godfrey and Sons of Maxwell lead singer Dave Carroll, the man who took United Airlines to task over a broken guitar and became a You Tube sensation overnight.


Source = MTA - Mobile Travel Agents

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