Juneyao Airlines to work with Sabre as part of expansion plans

Juneyao Airlines, a young leading business and leisure carrier in China, is working on an aggressive expansion plan in Asia.

In preparation for its regional operations, the airline has signed a long-term, full content deal with Sabre Travel Network, making all its fares and inventory available to all Sabre- connected travel agents worldwide through the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS).

“Our next phase of growth requires us to be globally connected. Sabre is a perfect fit as its large corporate customer base can help us achieve our goals of strengthening our brand awareness and distribution strategy. We have been growing steadily, and I am sure with the partnership with Sabre Travel Network, we will be well positioned for success outside China,” said Yu Chengji, Chief Marketing Officer of Juneyao Airlines.

Sabre will be working closely with the airline to ensure through the right mix of sales and marketing efforts of the airlines’ fares, meet the full potential of the distribution channel.

"Sabre Travel Network has an excellent track record of helping airlines like Juneyao Airlines extend its distribution reach into global markets. Juneyao Airlines can be assured that by working with Sabre, they will have the right platform and visibility to launch itself into the international arena," said Hans Belle, vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific, Sabre Travel Network.

Source = Sabre Pacific

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